Formation of Corporations
• Preparation of Shareholder Agreements
• Formation of Limited Liability Companies
• Preparation of Operating Agreements
• Preparation of Employment Agreements
• Preparation of Independent Contractor Agreements


Business Law

If you are interested in forming a new business, buying an existing business or if you have an ongoing business, it is important to have the appropriate legal advice. At the Law Office of Burt E. Eisenberg, P.A., we have been provided counsel to our commercial clients for over 30 years. Our office can assist you in a variety of business legal services including:

• Incorporation
• Formation of Limited Liability Company
• Business Partnerships
• Employment Contracts
• Independent Contractor Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements
• LLC Operating Agreements
• Commercial Leases
• Business Acquisition and Sale
• Customer Contracts

Through proper legal representation, we can help to insure the proper formation of your company and its continuation.  We can provide the appropriate agreements to provide for issues arising as a result of a death of a principal, sale of the business, disputes as to management, etc. Don’t under estimate the importance of having a properly drafted Shareholder Agreement or LLC Operating Agreement negotiated and in place before you start your business or bring in a new partner. Properly drafted documentation not only details the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of death, sale, etc., but can also help to curtail disputes since the agreement specifies, in black and white, how the parties are to proceed.

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